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Trophy Treestands products are manufactured with the highest standards, regular maintenance is required for the up-keep of your product. Regular maintenance is the responsibility of the purchaser, we recommend that you replace all rachets and stabilizer straps for your treestand at the least annually, cables at least every two years, and ALL hardware at least every three years. If at any time there is a defect with any part of your treestand, we insist that you replace the part prior to using the stand. Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repair, including the use of unauthorized replacement parts, will void all warranties.


Trophy Treestands offers a one-year warranty on your new product along with all components and hardware from the date of retail purchase.  This warranty applies to products that have not been modified, abused, or used in a manner that deviates from the products' intended use.  Minor fading in color is normal and is not covered by our warranty. Any corrosion of painted surfaces that occurs as a result of paint being removed or damage is not covered by our warranty.  We offer no additional warranties on our products except the one-year warranty. 


Trophy Treestands will repair and/or replace products at no charge at its discretion and will not be held liable for sums in excess of the purchase price of your product. Trophy Treestands reserves the right to substitute models, without notice.  Products for which warranty repair work has been approved must be sent directly to Trophy Treestands and performed by Trophy Treestands. Please call Trophy Treestands at 757.364.9744 regarding your product. If your product and/or component are covered under warranty, you will receive authorization to return the product as directed at your expense. Trophy Treestands will not be held liable for lost profits or goodwill, downtime, damages to equipment or other items, or personal injury or loss. Product repairs and/or product updates, not covered by warranty, will be provided at a set rate.


This warranty is void if the product is damaged by improper or abnormal use or by accident; if the product is altered or modified in any way other than those directed by official Trophy Treestands instructions; or if any attempt is made to repair the product without authorization from Trophy Treestands. It is solely the purchaser’s responsibility to determine the suitability of these products for each particular application. Trophy Treestands products are intended for hunting and hunting ONLY. Trophy Treestands are in all events not suitable and are not authorized, for use in any situations that might pose potentially injurious to life and health, other than those situations that the products are intended for. This warranty is not assignable or transferable.  This agreement supersedes any prior agreements and shall be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia. USA

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