Which tree stand is right for you and your property?

Here at Trophy Tree Stands we have a wide variety of stands to choose from. There is lock-on or hang on, climbers, ladder, and tri-pod tree stands to choose from. The terrain you are hunting is the first thing to consider when buying a new stand. Here we outline different stands and the terrain that they work the best for.

Ladder Stands

We have a large selection of ladder stands from the light weight versatile F16 to the jumbo comfy 2-person tree stand the Sky Walker and everywhere in-between. Ladder stands work best for the person who is most concerned about comfort and stability and plan on hunting an area year after year. As the name implies our ladder stands come with 3-4 foot ladder sections that gives you easy access to your stand without the trouble of shimmying up a tree. This makes it one of the safest options. Perfect for the wooded areas of the east coast these work for both branched and straight trees.

Hang-on/Lock on Stands

A lightweight versatile option to our ladder stands. Like the ladder stands they work in a wide variety of environments and can work with nearly any type of tree. Bowhunters in particular will love our hang on stands for their quietness. Paired with our climbing sticks this is the perfect option for early season bow hunts.


For our friends who live in the open grasslands of the Midwest or are hunting agricultural lands our free-standing tower The Judge is the best option. With its independent tri footed base no trees are needed. This allows you to place yourself high up on the edge of a food plot or grazing area with a perfect 360 view of your area.


Coming soon to our line up climbers are perfect for hunting areas with tall straight trees. They allow you to hike into public lands and set up shop, move to multiple sites in one day, and you do not have to worry about someone stealing your stand at night because you can just take it with you.

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