Perfect Tree Stand Placement

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Give yourself an edge with these tips to improve your tree stand placement

1. The higher you place your tree stand the better. Being higher in the tree puts you out of the sight line and “nose level” of the deer. Place it high up, with a clear sight line, and get over your fear of heights.

2. Find some cover. You want to hide your silhouette. Leaves, branches, Y forks work great for this. Find trees that hold on to leaves into the beginning of winter. Oak and sycamore will hold their leaves the longest whereas ash are some of the first to fall.

3. The sun is your friend. Deer avoid looking into the sun because they do not have the same UV filter as we do. Place the sun in the direction opposite to where you believe deer will be coming and going.

4. Trim your shooting lanes. Nothing is worse than having the deer you’ve been tracking all year long within range and there is no way to get an arrow to him. Clear multiple lanes so your dream buck doesn’t get away.

5. Last and most important pay attention to the wind and thermals. Keep yourself downwind. Once you have a site in mind get out there before the season opens and check where the wind moves in both the mornings and evenings as thermals tend to change throughout the day.

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