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Tony Overbaugh

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Tony Overbaugh, founder and former owner of X-Stand Tree Stands with over 20 years of
experience in the outdoors industry, has been hired to lead the company as CEO. In addition to
his impressive tenure, Overbaugh brings extensive experience in treestand patents and has
been awarded multiple patents over the years.

“We wanted to offer a product lineup that focuses on safety first and foremost without a hefty
price tag. We want everyone to experience the thrill of the hunt.” says Overbaugh, Trophy
Treestands CEO. “Affordability doesn’t have to mean a sacrifice in quality. Our treestands are
designed with the hunters’ experience in mind down to the smallest details like the earth tone
textured powder coating allowing the treestand to blend in better with its surroundings and
wide bench seats to make those all day sits a little more comfortable.”